The most recent glad tidings of the well-deserved freedom of Eritrean prisoners brought a spirit of vivacious elation both in the Diasporic communities as well as at home. Since many of them were freed after a protracted period of years, the good news was welcomed with open arms by all the people who immensely value religious liberty.

Currently, the relevant and soul-searching question is: in order to alleviate the current dire living conditions of the prisoners, what would our palpable contributions be following their release?

It does not require a talent of exceptional ingenuity to figure out the existence of the following undeniable severe reality on the ground:

  1. When the prisoners arrive home from prison, due to family’s exiguous income, most likely, they are coming to a household that is stricken with extreme dearth. Therefore, there is an enormous financial need in their livelihood.
  2. Most of the prisoners have one or multiple health issues. And it is obvious that it would be extremely challenging for them to get medical supplies even if they are able to get prescriptions free of charge. Ergo, unless and if there is a Divine intervention from on High, their health conditions could easily and fatally deteriorate overtime.
  3. The likelihood of returning back to work in the near future seems bleak. There is a credible report that the prison conditions are terribly horrifying that include the practice of forced labor, which inevitably resulted in the frailty of their body. And this would hinder them from hitting the target of meeting their vocational objectives.

The aforementioned three solid and compelling evidences lay an unshakable ground for Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM) to make an earnest call on all concerned believers to compassionately do what God seriously has laid in their hearts to financially assist the released prisoners

who have no other earthly providers except their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Last but not least, the board members of NIM would like to extend their heartfelt and sincere gratitude to our Heavenly Father for graciously making the physical freedom of the prisoners a living and tangible reality. We also thank you for constantly standing with the ministry of NIM since its official inception in March 21, 2007. The conspicuous prevalence of the prisoners’ hardship makes it imperative to credibly underscore that the task of our collective mission is not yet over. Therefore, we humbly and earnestly ask you to join us in this worthy deed and perpetuate the legacy you have already left behind by continuing to extend a helping hand to the prisoners who had previously and most recently gained their freedom, till we all gloriously step on the other side of eternity and delightfully hear the long anticipated ethereal accolade, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord” (Matthew 25:21, accentuation added).

To the Lord Jesus Christ alone be magnificent glory for the golden duration of all eternity! Amen.

Delightfully and gratefully,

Board Members

Nehemiah International Ministry

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