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About Nehemiah International Ministry

We derive our name from the Book of Nehemiah, where Nehemiah was burdened to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. While Nehemiah was in the safety of the “Citadel of Susa”, he heard about the remnant in Jerusalem that was in “great distress and reproach.” Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM), born as Nehemiah Project in 2004, is an organization of Christian men and women who have received a vision/burden to rebuild the walls of the body of Christ in Eritrea.  Our passion and desire is to Glorify God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through assisting and helping persecuted and dispersed church of Eritrea.  As disciples of Jesus, we believe that our calling is to be a voice to the voiceless and care for the physical and spiritual needs of those who are being persecuted for their faith.

NIM is a non-profit organization that is run by six active Board of Officers. The Board of Officers consists of a chairman, a treasurer, a secretary and three members.

Our Vision

To build a generation of God-fearing Eritreans, through creating a conducive atmosphere for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, by supporting and advocating on behalf of the victimized and needy.

Our Mission

To lift up the Lord Jesus Christ in Eritrea, as well as around the globe by meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the persecuted, thereby, vividly demonstrating the love of Christ.

Sacred Suffering

The face of ruthless persecusion in Eritrea

The true story found in these pages highlights the amazing perseverance of a beautiful young woman. She willingly suffered ongoing persecution even though it cost her so much: her youth, health, higher educational opportunities, and a chance at a family and successful career…

Nehemiah Project

Think Big. Act Bigger.


Together we make all the difference

Urgent Need

The most recent glad tidings of the well-deserved freedom of Eritrean prisoners brought a

Let us work together!

The God of heaven, he will be our help;

so we His servants will go on with our building.

(Nehemiah 2:20)

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