The summer of 2022, has been shower of blessings when it comes to the natural rain the nation of Eritrea has mercifully received from Above. Indeed, our farmers are expected to harvest much needed and plentiful crops. As we delightfully and wholeheartedly praise and extol our Heavenly Father for His generosity of abundant rain, and our gratefulness intensifies even to greater degree when we realize that the compassionate God graciously took notice of the country of Eritrea, when by His Divine decree has chosen to strike the huge swaths of the world with extreme and relentless draughts.

However, this blessing of rain has brought with it not only undesirable floods but also an unlivable quagmire whose surface easily yields downward when one treads upon it. The refugee camp which is known by neighboring town of Dabat in northern Ethiopia, (which is displayed on video clip) is inundated with floods, which is making the tents in which the refugees dwell shakably unsuitable ground to live.  With no solid road to go from one place to another, reliable transportation has become unimaginably difficult to find and maintain even if there is any availability at all.

The refugees some of whom who fled their hometown for fear of persecution have found themselves in problematic impasse because even though they were looking to get relief from the persecution, which they just left behind, yet unfortunately, they were confronted with another severe dilemma, which seems to create no way out of this tragic situation in the foreseeable future.

Ergo, Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM) USA is partnering with NIM Canada to create an awareness in the diasporic populace as well as in the broader global community, hoping help and relief may be extended to these helpless refugees, whose extreme indigence can not allow them to afford any living sustainability.

If all other logically acceptable grounds fail, just for the very reason to express our profound gratitude to the Almighty for exceedingly blessing us to place our feet on a dry and solid ground should be seen as a motivational factor to share some of our financial resources with these forgotten and desperate refugees.

For more details please take a moment to watch the video clip so that you may know for yourselves their living conditions with conspicuous visibility. Remember, whatever investment we make is not going to be stored in perforated bag with no secure storage, but would eternally be laid up as indestructible treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. (Matthew 6:20 | NKJV). Please be also mindful of the poignant words of the Lord Jesus Christ, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35b | NKJV, accentuation added). Thank you in advance for your munificence.

To God alone be the magnificent glory for abundantly replacing what we are joyfully expending for the sake of the less fortunate ones. Amen.


In the vineyard of His service,
Futsum Libanos
Board Member

Nehemiah International Ministry

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