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Grace and peace!

Listening to an intellectually well prepared homily by fluent preachers could raise one’s feeling of delightfulness as was the prevalent case during the ministry of the prophet Ezekiel, who must have been a great communicator of his day. The Omniscient testifies to his eloquent ability of communication by saying “Indeed you are to them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument; for they hear your words, but they do not do them (Ezekiel 33:32 | NKJV, accentuation added), a declaration which vividly and adequately describes the exemplified typicality of the congregants of our time.

By the same token, church singing could lift one’s emotions high to a magnified degree, especially when the combination fits together rightly, and that is to say: when the lyrics make sense to one’s mind and its accompanying music is pleasing to the human ear. Hence, sermon and a spiritual song could be immensely appealing to church goers. However, subscribing to them even with greater degree of consistency does not necessarily and decisively measure the genuineness of one’s faith.

On the hand, when it comes to the application of fervent prayer a different story is underscored with mounting evidence and without making hyperbolic statements. For the first reaction to the call of prayer is apathetically unwelcoming and its inveterate practice is almost nonexistent. That is why we see every Sunday morning Christians flock in droves to worship services where persuasive preaching and entrancing singing are the centerpiece of the church activities. But at the same time, they limit themselves to a trickling few drops when it comes to attend prayer morning sessions, even when there is a tragically crucial national crises that demand an immediate intercessory attention. One of the plausible reasons for this is because for umpteen of them earnest prayer is a tediously boring interaction, which does not interestingly appeal to their taste. For it is a monologue for those who have not experienced its dialogue communion with the Almighty, Who strongly longs to hear form His dear redeemed children.

Having situated that at its proper position, it behooves me to emphatically underscore that out of all “significantly valid and Biblically acceptable” (please, meticulously mark my words), I reiterate “significantly valid and Biblically acceptable” church services, according to Revelation 8:3-4, only to one element of worship, namely “PRAYER” is “AN INCENSE” added, which ascended to the glorious Throne Room of His grace from the hands of the angel as a sweet aromatic smell into the nostrils of the Almighty, Who not only attentively hears but immensely delights to answer them in His own sweet due time, and according to his own precious will, plan and purpose, and He does so always with the “vast duration of eternity” in Mind.

Taking the aforementioned serious notions into consideration, now, the germane question is: how consistently faithful are you in your daily prayers for the persecuted Christians? By the way, do you pray for them at all? Or as one prominent member of the church said, “I am tired of it,” are you also tired of it? The striking point is: If they are willing to patiently endure the excruciating hardships of imprisonment and that for a protracted number of years, there seems to be no logical excuse for us to abandon them in their severe trials by failing to constantly left them up before Heaven.

Ergo, would be you be willing to join me and thousands others in fervent prayers and as the result activate the Throne of God on their behalf this coming Sunday, November 06, 2022, and beyond, that is on a daily bases without cessation? I hope and pray, you would! So God greatly help us all! Amen.

To the Lord Jesus Christ alone be a splendid majesty for an aeonian duration for giving an enduring stamina to His persecuted dear children in their day-to-day agonized suffering! Amen.

Nimiety of blessings,

In the vineyard of His service,

Futsum Libanos

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